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Youth Department

Shaarey Tefila’s youth department, under the leadership of Rabbi Aidelson, offers many opportunities for supervised tefilah, learning, fun, and activities.

Shabbas morning groups are available for boys and girls from nursery age up until 5th and 6th grades.

Special activities enliven and educate our children on all yomim tovim – succah decorating, succah hops, junior hakofos, and more!

Numerous fun trips are scheduled throughout the year, particularly on chol hamoed.

Our annual awards seudah shlishis acknowledges our youth leaders and participating children.

Rabbi Aidelson is an experienced and accomplished yeshiva educator and youth professional. He manages the programs with creativity and warmth, and goes out of his way to instill ruchnius and Jewish values in Shaaray’s children, and teens.

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